Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welding at Deyar Studios in Granada Hills

Last week I was welding at Dot Stages Welding Studio in Granada Hills (I usually go once a week) and decided to take some pictures to share with you.

This is Dot, Artist and Owner of Deyar Studios. She is a wonderful, creative soul.

Part of the studio shown here.

Here I am welding a metal piece that I am making as part of a combined Glass & Metal sculpture I'm working on.

For me, Welding is like meditation. I tend to lose myself in it.

I hope you enjoyed this peek at my day at the Deyar Studios. Thanks for visiting my blog!


Gilda's Going For It!

Today I had a photo shoot of my new work, and I'm very excited to put it on my site
to show all of you. Here's a new piece...I'm really enjoying working with metal to compliment my glass.

In case you are wondering we used the SUN as a natural lighting source... it's hot out there!


Welcome to my Blog!!

I'm so happy to have you visit me!
This is an exciting time for me for I have just started this blog and soon will have a new website to share my artwork with all of you!

In the days and weeks ahead I will share updates on the progress of my website and many of the art projects I'm working on.